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Dream Factory Sweet Butterfly Ultra Soft Microfiber Girls Comforter Set Review

girls butterfly bedding


If you want only the very best for your young daughter, then she deserves the best girls butterfly bedding. This lovely butterfly bedding set from Dream Factory is absolutely wonderful, from the intricate design all the way down to the luxurious microfiber, polyester construction. Rather than simply buying cheaper bedding sets, which will soon tear in the washing machine – it is better to buy a lovely bedding set like the Dream Factory Sweet Butterfly Ultra Soft Microfiber Girls Comforter Set, which comes complete with a comforter, sham, fitted sheet, flat sheet and a pillowcase which matches the duvet covers design.


  • Attractive Design: The design of this girls butterfly bedding set is wonderful, and will soon attract your little girl’s eyes. It features a solid purple background, with butterflies flying around the duvet cover and pillowcase. The butterflies are yellow, pink, green and blue which all work extremely well as a selection of colors.
  • Quality: You will have tried much cheaper bedding sets in the past, which haven’t lasted long. Luckily for you, the Dream Factory Sweet Butterfly Girls Comforter Set will last many years to come, thanks to the strong sewn construction which keeps the full set sewn together securely. The pillowcase is just as strong as the duvet cover, and you will soon find yourself wanting more of these excellent bedding sets by Dream Factory.
  • Sizes: This duvet set is available in two different sizes to accommodate you and your little girl regardless of what size bed she has. The two sizes are full and twin, which is perfect for most beds!


  • The quality is unbelievable, you will have never seen anything like it before. If you want a long lasting bedding set, then Dream Factory are the perfect manufacturer for you. They may be pricier than other competitors, but their quality cannot be beaten at this price point.
  • Many other bedding sets may fade after many washes, this doesn’t happen to the Dream Factory Sweet Butterfly Girls Comforter Set, the colours will still be as bright and vibrant as they were when you got the set.


  • The duvet cover and pillowcase are extremely soft and work very well, unfortunately the fitted sheet that is included is quite rough. This isn’t too much of a problem as fitted sheets are very cheap, and you can simply replace it with a softer fitted sheet.


In conclusion, there are no better girls butterfly bedding sets currently available. This comforter set fits in quite well in the mid-range price point, and is extremely high quality for the price. You may be able to find better quality bedding sets, but these will be a lot more expensive and are simply unnecessary. If you want a great bedding set, at a great price – then this is what you need. You and your little girl are sure to love it!

“Comforter is very pretty and colorful. Just want I wanted for my granddaughter. just as described. would recommend for purchase.”


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