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If you’re looking for the perfect bedding set for your little girl, there is no better option than butterfly bedding. Butterfly bedding sets come in a variety of colours, and designs but all share the same theme, butterflies! They are incredibly cute, and many other items can be purchased with the same design, allowing you to get curtains, pillowcases, and many more items all sharing the same pattern. Take a look below, and you are sure to love at least one of the products we have to review! Your little girl will be so happy with her new bedding.
Butterfly bedspreads are also universal, rather than bedding which is only designed for young girls, your girl will love this bedding all the way into her early teenage years. It really is one of the best options for bedding.

Our Top Picks

1. Dream Factory Sweet Butterfly Ultra Soft Microfiber Girls Comforter Set


While this may seem rather pricey for a butterfly comforter, you really do pay for the quality. This amazing bedding set brought to the masses by Dream Factory ensures your little girl will have the most comfortable night of sleep possible, while featuring an attractive design bringing life back into any old room.


  • Polyester: It is manufactured from Polyester, ensuring that it is comfortable and not too heavy. Polyester is a great fabric for bedding sets, as it is extremely lightweight – which helps you sleep. Some bedding sets can be quite heavy, and this means that you may feel claustrophobic, especially for younger children.
  • Various Sizes: This butterfly comforter set is also available in two different sizes, full and twin. This means your little girl can enjoy this bedding set regardless of what size bed she owns.
  • Design: In terms of design, you and your little one are guaranteed to love this set. It feature a purple background, with pink, green, yellow and blue butterflies fluttering around the purple butterfly bedding, all in various sizes adding an element of fun into the bedding.

With this butterfly bed set you receive: a comforter, a sham, flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a standard sized pillowcase. All of these items are all you need to furnish your bed.


  • Excellent Quality
  • Includes various other items such as sham, and two sheets.


  • Very thin design, which is good during summer but may leave you cold during fall.

If you are looking for the best butterfly bedding available for your little girl, then look no more. The Dream Factory Sweet Butterfly Ultra Soft Microfiber Girls Comforter Set is designed with children in mind, from the amazing design to the unbelievable comfort it can provide. You are sure to love it.

“Bought two of these for my girls new bunk beds and they are very pretty. The girls so they are soft and comfy and love their pretty beds. We have had no problems with these and my girls love them. Very pleased with our purchase.”

–   momasn

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2. Dream Factory Butterfly Dots Ultra Soft Microfiber Girls Comforter Set

Butterfly bedding 2 dream factory


If you aren’t a fan of the purple bedding set reviewed above, then you are sure to love this butterfly bedding set with a retro, patterned stripe design. It is 14% cheaper than the above option, yet still offers exactly the same quality and comfort. It really is just down to the design, and whichever your little one prefers.


  • Polyester: This bedding set features the same 100% polyester design, which ensures comfort along with being an incredibly lightweight fabric, which makes it perfect during the hot summer months to keep you cool. As with the above bedding set, you can get this bedding set in two various sizes, full or twin. This ensures that your little girl can enjoy this bedding regardless of what bed she has.
  • Design: The design of this butterfly bedding set is amazing, with a pink dotted and striped design, with a full row of butterflies with various patterned wings in pink and purple, it really is every little girl’s dream.
  • Included Pillow Case: The full size pillow case adopts the same design, with various striped patterns and a row of colourful butterflies. This bedding set would work well if your daughter has a pink/purple color scheme in her room, as many girls do.


  • Desirable Design for all young girls.
  • Strong, vibrant color.


  • The included fitted sheet is quite rough.

A great option if you don’t like the purple butterfly bedding reviewed above. Dream Factory create wonderful bedding sets, complete with shams and comforters to ensure for a great night of sleep. You and your daughter won’t regret purchasing this bedding, it truly is a great bed set.

“It was exactly what I expected — pretty and pink. Our granddaughter loves her room and the bedding helped create it. I’d recommend it for anyone wanting something pretty and comfy for a little girl.”


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3. Dream Factory Butterfly Part Ultra Soft Microfiber Girls Comforter Set

Butterfly bedding dream factory 3


If you prefer a more “exciting” design, then the Butterfly Party Ultra Soft Comforter Set is for you. Manufactured by Dream Factory, you can be assured that the quality is absolutely amazing. While you may be able to find cheaper bedding sets with a similar design online, none possess the same level of quality as Dream Factory bedding sets. Cheaper bedding sets will fade in the washing machine, and may even tear in the washing machine. Therefore, if you want a bedding set to last a long time, you need to get yourself a Dream Factory bedding set. Dream Factory sell a variety of butterfly bedding, in a variety of designs and colors, you and your little girl will easily be able to agree on one!


  • Design: This particular butterfly bedding set features a hot pink background, with various paint splatters in a variety of colours to liven up the bedding. On top of the background and paint splatters are a variety of butterflies which are fairly large, they are prominently placed around the bedding.
  • Great Reviews: The Dream Factory Butterfly Part Ultra Soft Microfiber Girls Comforter Set has an average rating of 4.5/5 stars, with over 50 reviews. The reviews don’t lie, this bedding set really is a great set of butterfly bedding.


  • Great Bedding Set for all ages.
  • Funky Design.


  • Colors will fade if you wash it too hot, we recommend washing on a gentle cycle.

If you are looking for a great quality butterfly bedding set to last your daughter a large number of years, then this Butterfly Party Ultra Soft Girls Comforter Set is perfect. If you aren’t a fan of the design, check out the various other butterfly bedding sets that are available from Dream Factory. You won’t be disappointed.

“I love the colors- true to picture, The fabrics are soft & satin-like. It’s not Heavy weight, which for us is good. It’s just perfect for my daughters room & our decor. Its a great “growing into big girl” pattern. Not too grown up’ & still artsy & whimsical like her. So happy about the price & quality thus far!!”

– Jpgrl94 

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In conclusion, there are endless amounts of butterfly bedding available on the internet, we recommend Dream Factory for their far superior quality and excellent pricing, compared to other manufacturers.